Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Heavy Duty Durato Tiles for car porch Parking tiles Designs in india

Parking  Tiles

Paving Tiles


Vitrified parking tiles

Heavy duty parking tiles

Features Of Paving tiles

Maintenance free
Highly Resistance to acid / alkali
Heavy Duty Fully Vitrified Body
Highly Abrasion Resistance
Scrath Resistance
Fire Resistance
Rectified, Unpolished, Homogeneous.
Satin Resistance
Neutral to the Sun's UV Effect
Lower water absorption

size         -  12 X 12" (300x300 mm)
Packing    - 10 pic Per Box
Coverage - 0.90 Sq.Mt.
                - 10.00 Sq.Feet
Thickness - 10 mm (approx)
Weight    - 19.50 kg per box (approx)