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Monday, September 21, 2020

The latest trend in Vitrified tiles design | Latest Designs in Vitrified Tiles

Latest Designs in Vitrified Tiles

Vitrified tiles are the most preferred flooring solution for homes, offices and commercial space. Their excellent combination of strength, beauty and endurance in high foot fall areas make it the option that is most definitely recommended and chosen.

Vitrified tiles

Designs of vitrified tiles are largely resemblance of natural stones, namely Marbles and granite. They are the best man made inventions that are helping save and reduce the depletion of natural stones as they are better substitutes.

Natural Stones Vitrified tiles

The latest trend in Vitrified tiles design is wooden finish. All across the world specially in western countries, the nostalgic look of wooden floors still rules designer inspiration. This has encouraged designers in Vitrified tiles design studios to develop a wooden design that positively replaces wood. The price of wooden finish vitrified tiles is quiet lower that actual wooden flooring and hence it can be applied to floors. It also helps reduce cutting of trees for wood.

Vitrified tiles design wooden finish

It should be noted that Vitrified tiles are inherently less porous and hence do not permit liquid to be absorbed, increasing lifespan as well as maintenance of beauty of the surface. Further, Vitrified tiles are also frost resistant and can sustain under very low temperatures perfectly. This makes them perfect for extreme weather conditions where wood is the only option for flooring.

wood flooring

What would be the best area in a home to adore with wooden vitrified tiles? From a number of discussions with interior design experts, we have found that the drawing hall is the number one choice for wooden type floor from vitrified tiles. It is also apt as halls are bigger and wood normally looks elegant when in bigger spaces. A close second is living room which again is a big room where wooden finish vitrified tiles will look grand. For smaller homes, these tiles can also make a good flooring in kitchen and dining space.

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