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Saturday, December 5, 2020

Natural Stone vs. Ceramic Tile: Which is better? | Comparing Tiles and Stones

Tiles and Stones: Which is better?

Home decor existed much before architects and ceramics came into place. Home decor of the rich and wealthy in the era bygone were decorated with natural materials, that included stone, bricks, wood, clay etc. If we look at heritage and historic monuments across Europe, Asia and Africa (Particularly Egypt) we will find far and wide use of natural marbles and granite's.

Floor Tiles

However, with time, we have come to realize that natural inputs such as stone, wood etc. have a limited supply and as we use more of these, we deplete the earth’s environmental resources multi fold. With time, we will have to find man made replacements for all of these.

Ceramic sector and specially tiles manufactured are a clear and positive replacement of stones.


Marble flooring

Marble flooring us a symbol of rich construction. No doubts about that. However today, floor tile manufacturers have come up with designs that are far better than marbles. They are long lasting and totally non porous. Floor tiles are tougher and have a nice shine that endures many footfalls. In fact, the Italian Marble so rich in design known by the name Red Elegant is not available in any other color. But with digital tile printing technology, you can get the same veins and texture within the tiles in blue, pink, black or whatever color you desire. Tiles are not as brittle as the Italian Marbles.

It is thus ideal to replace flooring of stones by marbles with Flooring by floor tiles that have a distinct advantage and there is no compromise on aesthetics of the construction.

wall tiles


Walls decorated with marbles look great. The advantages of wall tiles over marble are same as that of floor tiles. Long lasting, beautiful with a wider range and a far superior aesthetic value. A much better replacement.

Digital Bathroom Tiles

Digital Bathroom Tiles

Bathrooms would be another area where we must replace tiles. All the more in bathrooms because of humidity, to which tiles are resistant while natural stones are not.

Kitchen Platforms

Kitchen Tiles

This is where Natural Granite's are used. Tiles and Slabs of 6’ x 3’ made in granite structure are exceptionally tough and can withstand the heavy working of a kitchen. Moreover, these tile slabs are workable, making them a perfect choice for granite replacement.

Know the difference between tile and marble

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