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Friday, September 30, 2022

How To Choose Flooring Tiles Smartly | Select the Right Tiles For Your Dream Home

white bathroom tiles
If you’re thinking of re-flooring your home or renovating your interiors, it comes with the tough choice of deciding the right tiles to suit your home. With the ever-expanding range of options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to make a call. However, fret not, this article is here to provide you with information and guide you into making the right decision.

A common mistake people make is favoring aesthetics over functionality. With the variety of colors, patterns and textures available, it is easy to forget that tiles first and foremost serve the purpose of being durable and long-lasting.

However, it is possible to choose tiles that satisfy both visual appeal and functionality.

In the article we will talk about how; and which tiles are best for your floors. 

It is important to know that different tiles are designed for different areas. Glossy tiles don’t belong in a bathroom, for example, because of their extremely slippery nature. Likewise, marble/granite/limestone tiles aren’t suitable in the kitchen as they are porous and prone to staining. 

Bathroom floor tiles:

Bathroom floor tiles
It is important to opt for tiles that are skid-free and slip-resistant, because bathrooms usually endure a lot of water spillage, steam and/or humidity. Good options are ceramic tiles with a 3-6% water absorption level, glazed vitrified tiles or porcelain vitrified tiles. LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) can also be considered.

Living Room floor tiles:

Living Room floor tiles
Living rooms are usually the largest, most central and busiest areas in a house. It is important that the flooring in this area matches the overall style and theme of your home. Vitrified tile materials are suitable for this space due to the heavy foot traffic. They provide extra strength for longer durability. Composite marble, ceramic and porcelain tiles are equally good options.

Kitchen floor tiles:

Kitchen floor tiles
Tiles for this part of a home should be chosen wisely due to the heavy footfall, food and water spills it endures. It is important to choose tiles that can handle moisture well and resist stains and scratches. People are advised against installing textured tiles or smaller tiles as dirt can accumulate in the crevices and joints. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are the go-to for this area of the house. They are dense, strong and perfect for the job.

Bedroom floor tiles:

Bedroom floor tiles
Flooring for adult bedrooms should echo the style of the house and room, while being comfortable and warm to bare feet. It is advisable to opt for soothing and relaxing colors that give off a calm aura. According to size, larger tiles can be preferred to give an illusion of spaciousness. Glossy tiles reflect light that can make the space look brighter. Ceramic and porcelain tiles suffice the purpose. It is also possible to find options that imitate wood or marble for a posh look.

Children's bedroom tiles:

Children's bedroom tiles
Children's bedrooms require a flooring that is more durable than an adult's, since it experiences more wear-and-tear. It is important to choose textures that decrease the possibility of accidents. The tiles should be slip-resistant, stain-resistant and comfortable underfoot, while also being easy to clean and maintain. Bright-tiled floors are attractive to children so vibrant colors should be preferred. Wooden flooring or luxury vinyl tiles are a good fit for children's bedrooms. Ceramic tiles are also a good option as they are tough and long-lasting.

Below, features of tiles will be discussed briefly to enlighten customers about how different ones fit to the demands of a specific space. 

As long as size is concerned, larger tiles should be preferred for a more seamless look. They are perfect for spaces like the living/dining/bedroom. Fewer joint lines impart a look of spaciousness.

Tile finish can determine the ambience of a space. Opting for glossier tiles can give an illusion of brightness and openness. Matte-finish tiles give off a more sophisticated and laid-back look. 

wooden tilesMatte-finish tiles are also better-suited for moisture-laden areas, like the kitchen, with the added benefit of not revealing stains or dirt easily. 

Semi-matte or lapatto tiles can also be utilized for this purpose, as they have more shine than matte but are non-slippery.

When it comes to design, tiles are very versatile and offer almost endless options. There are a myriad of possibilities for patterns and colors to match and coordinate with your furniture. Smartly-chosen flooring can transform the look of your home.

Other things to keep in mind:

For starters, it is important to set a budget. To have an idea of how much you can spend helps in determining the quality of tiles, the place of purchase, and narrowing down options. 

An interior designer can also be consulted for help, as he/she can help build harmony between the flooring and overall look of a room

It is advisable to purchase from reputed brands over local ones, even if the cost is higher, as they are sturdier and less likely to crack. Thus, long-term, the investment pays off. Reputed dealers are also more likely to replace any defective tiles

It is wise to purchase extra boxes of tiles so they can compensate for cracking, chipping or staining of the installed tiles in the future. It ensures consistency in color and finish (so they don't look incongruous if replaced).

Last but not least, grouting your tiles ensures proper alignment and compensation for the discrepancy in the dimensions of the tiles. It also bonds the tiles better to the floor and provides extra slip-resistance. This last step is not to be forgotten to get your flooring the flawless finish it deserves.

Selecting tiles for your floor can be a daunting task as it is a fairly permanent decision. However, with the right research and help from experts, you can have the flooring of your dreams.

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