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Friday, December 13, 2019

Wall Tiles Design | Wall Tiles India

Wall tiles manufacturers from India have developed and commercialized designer wall tiles for different uses in large variety to meet the changing consumer tastes and preferences. Herein, we give an idea of where it is used.

Wall Tiles for Living Room

Wall Tiles for Living room
Living room is probably the biggest of rooms in a home. With the whole family normally spending their together time in the living room, it is but obvious that this room has to be well decorated. Wall tiles for living room should be designer and large in size to give a grand look. These trendy wall tiles should gel in with the total ambience providing that soothing as well as cohesiveness in members of the family and visiting guests.

Bedroom Wall Tiles

Wall Tiles for Bedroom
Bedroom is where the body rejuvenates and the soul rests like a child. The walls are not huge and hence bedroom wall tiles need not be too big. A medium sized tile would still serve the purpose. Wall tiles with soft colors and subtle design in appearance are most recommended.

Bathroom Wall Tiles

Wall Tiles for Bathroom
Bathrooms in Urban area are small and hence to maintain the aspect ratio of vision, smaller wall tiles are most recommended. Well glazed tiles with minimal 3D wall tiles effect are better as water will slide down faster and keep the tiles looking great. In bigger bathrooms though, big designer wall tiles are a must. Mostly prefer in white bathroom tiles.

Kitchen Wall Tiles

Wall Tiles for Kitchen
We Indian love our food. We would hence like the cook (normally housewives) to remain excited while cooking. So it is highly recommended that the tiles of Kitchen provide inspirational climate to the cook. Kitchen wall tiles designs are available in sets with highlighter tile and picture tiles to add to the beauty and customization of kitchen’s looks. With Digital Printing technology, you can specifically get designer tiles for your kind of interior design.


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