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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Premium collection of Vitrified Floor Tiles in India

Vitrified tiles from India

vitrified tiles

India has now become one of the most prominent manufacturers of Vitrified tiles. People across the world are awed by vitrified tiles flooring. The strength of vitrified tiles makes them ideal for interiors as well as exteriors as flooring solutions. Their water and frost resistance makes them the right choice in countries in the northern hemisphere.


There was a time when Italian Vitrified tiles were more impressive than vitrified tiles by India, but the recent development in technology and adoption by Indian companies has bought quality of tiles at par.


Glazed Vitrified tiles (GVT) and Polished glazed vitrified tiles (PGVT) with Digital printing technology are all now manufactured in India. The image which can be put in Digital format can be printed on tiles, making them appear as a drawing or a piece of art. They empower the best of both worlds, great appearance owing to digital printing technology and toughness of vitrified tiles. These tiles have been in demand for quiet some time now.


While Full Body vitrified tiles and a variation of Soluble salt Vitrified tiles were initial offerings, double charged vitrified tiles have been a recent trend. 
double charge tiles

These tiles have more natural stone like look, making them a perfect replacement for flooring where marble or granite was the initial choice.


Basic colors of vitrified tiles are beige and ivory, but now with digital printing technology, they can have any color and appearance.
For surface properties, smooth tiles are not always good. India is a place of high population and hence there are high traffic areas everywhere. To meet this unique need of so many people walking on floors, we have anti skid tiles that empower easy walking with good grip.

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